This is a collection of videos that are unrelated to each other, therefore I called this group "Something"


Video, April 2023.

Video about the exhibition "DISTANCE" by Mohammed Alani.
March 23 - April 29 2023, RHoK Academie, Etterbeek & Sint-Pieters-Woluwe.
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Tired Planet

Video, October 2022.

A river and a church

Going Nowhere

Video, May 2022.

Accidental video with soundtrack

What Is This ?

Video, March 2022

A short music video.


Video, December 2021

My perception of the Costa Rican Jungle.

Dziwnow Beach

Video, December 2021

A video created from accidental photographs and unaccidental clips from a beach near Dziwnow, Poland. The sounds and music were found on