The Nothing project is an evolving series of portraits of - in most cases - public benches. In this series I explore the sound of sitting on a bench, the construction and character of the bench, and the space around the bench. I look at it from different angles and zoom in on details, and listen carefully to what I hear. Sometimes I manipulate the image or add musical elements to the field recording. The series is still developing and sometimes I add a new episode.

Nothing, Episode 8

Video, December 2023

Latest episode of the Nothing project, full version.

Nothing, Episode 7

Video, April 2023

Part 7 of the project, full version

Nothing, Episode 6

Video, March 2023 (preview)

Part 6 of the project

Nothing, Episode 5

Video, October 2022 (preview).

Next level of the Nothing project, with music added.

Nothing, Episode 4

Video, February 2022 (preview)

Part 4 of the Nothing project.

Nothing, Episode 3

Video, November 2021 (preview)

Part 3 of the Nothing project. A short one from Berlin.

Nothing, Episode 2

Video, November 2021 (preview)

Part 2 of the Nothing project.

Nothing, Episode 1

Video, October 2021 (preview)

This is an ongoing project. I record the sound of sitting on a bench, and take pictures of this bench. The benches are located in Belgium, Holland, Italy, Germany and Poland.